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Emotions1 essays

Emotions1 essays No matter how hard you try, you cannot control your emotions, only attempt to hide them. Emotions influence every aspect of our lives, what we do, what we say, and et cetera. All of our emotions, from anger to insecurity, are influenced by several factors, just as our lives are influenced by our emotions (Gelinas, Emotions 35). First of all, it causes problems when one does not trust himself, and it shows up in many ways. Some people brag to call attention to themselves, causing others to believe that the egoistic person has a lot of self-respect. Very often though, egotism can be an attempt to cover up insecurity in a person who does not feel they will be good enough without it (Gelinas, Emotions 36). Bragging about ones achievements, material possessions, or achievements reveals a sense of inferiority. Even though one may brag their whole lives, they never reach a sense of well being. This is caused by fixation, which is when a person does not grow emotionally after a certain point (Gelinas, Emotions 64). A person that brags a great deal may also be considered a snob. A snob may not act as a braggart for the same reasons egoistic people do, for what snobs do is act so that they end up isolating themselves. They do this to avoid the trouble of friends, responsibilities, and emotional relationship s by giving a snobbish attitude to the people who put up with these things (Gelinas, Emotions 45). Another sign of insecurity is envy. One often envies another to hide a lack of trust in themselves. They envy others accomplishments because they dont think they themselves can achieve those accomplishments (Milios 39). Many factors influence anger. Most anger is caused by a situation that makes one feel uncomfortable (Licata 14). This uncomfortable feeling could also be described as feeling threatened. Feeling threatened could lead to angry feelings because a threat can cause harm. Things that could ...

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Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Story - Essay Example One of the eyewitnesses brought us to the hospital. However, there was an absence of blood for my sister and we could lose her. Luckily, I was a match and my blood helped my sister to survive. What impressed me most was the situation under which the sister received professional help. There were no modern equipment or supplies in the hospital, however, that did not stop doctors, who were obviously so dedicated to what they were doing, from giving the qualified help to my sister. I was watching the simultaneous and concerted efforts of doctors within their team and I realized I wanted passionately to join them. To some extent, the accident predicated making of a decision to become someone who will be able to help others. I decided to apply to a medical school so my dream, which I was nurturing over these years, came true. I have decided to become a gynecologist, a doctor whose aim is to take care of women and give them an opportunity to bring the most precious gift to the world- a new life. During the five years, which I spent working in hospitals of Baghdad, three of them I assisted Dr. Sabri as a volunteer medical technician in an emergency medicine while I was finishing high school and living with my grandparents. Dr. Sabri also helped me to resolve my problem with housing and found the one inside the hospital. I was also hoping to attend college, however, that was not a safe time for a woman to go to training sessions and back to the campus alone and then live there without any family. That is why I greatly appreciated Dr. Sabri’s help with housing. In the period of war, there was a singular access to electricity in the hospital and I used to be the one who was aware of it. Such availability gave me many opportunities to exercise a leadership role. I had also several cases that happened with people outside the hospital and who needed urgent medical help. Thus, once I helped an elderly woman in the shopping center in

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Explain a Marketing concept for MKGT 3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Explain a Marketing concept for MKGT 3000 - Essay Example We would be discussing few major factors that significantly impact purchase behavior and consumption pattern of the products that are used in marketing a product. Customers’ purchase behavior is quite complex because it is intensely influenced by socio-economic and psychological paradigms. It is true that consumers purchase products only when they perceive the need for it. But at the same time, the need could have triggered either by advertisement or by observing other people which could lead to the purchase of the product. Various factors like price, buying value, consumption value and after sales performance add credibility to the purchase. If customer is satisfied, the organizations are not only able to retain them but they are also liable to get new ones through word of mouth publicity that greatly establishes their market credibility. Arnould et al (2004) assert that consumer behavior is also motivated by desired goal that is need based. Products that are bought mainly as a lifestyle statement are prompted by motivated goals. Luxury brands and trend setting goods are major indicators of changing lifestyle pattern that people are ready to adopt to keep up with the times. People are prone to adopt new lifestyle that reflects that changing socio-economic status in society. It also reveals their new value system, tastes and indeed changing preferences.

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Computer Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer Ethics - Case Study Example On the other hand, if a computer professional or a group of professionals ask for ransom in exchange of not holding a computer as a hostage, they are indulging in criminal behavior. Ransom in previous years used to be gained by kidnapping an individual and this activity was recognized as a criminal conduct. Similarly, holding a computer hostage and acquiring ransom is even recognized as criminal behavior. One way through which computer users can protect their computers from being attacked by ransomware is by protecting their computers with security software. This security software has the ability to detect and stop malicious attacks launched on a particular computer. The user needs to ensure that the security software is kept up-to-date. It is essential for the security software to remain up-to-date because new forms and software of ransomware are being launched every day and in order to tackle updated viruses, a computer needs updated security software. Another way of preventing becoming a hostage to ransomware is having a backup of the information and data that is stored on a particular computer (Deccan Herald, 2012). In cases a computer becomes a hostage, the most probable threat that a user faces is the loss of important data. If this data is stored in a backup storage device such as a USB or an external hard drive, the user will not have to give in to the demand of ransom. Government can use both deterrent as well as preventive modes of legislation to counter the issue of ransomware. The government should pass a legislation requiring all organizations and computer users to protect their computers with security systems and having backup of the data. The government can levy hefty fines for not complying with legislation. This will encourage computer users as well as organizations to protect their system in order to avoid hefty sanctions. Government can deter computer hackers who use

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Platos Views on the Technology of Writing Essay -- Expository History

Plato's Views on the Technology of Writing In the book Phaedrus Plato offers a lot of criticism for a writing technology that not many of us would ever think as writing technology, let alone criticize it. This writing technology is none other than writing itself. When people think of writing technology they mostly think of the printing press, the computer, the typewriter and such. Yet no one stops to think of writing. Writing has had such a major impact on society that who would ever think that the one of the greatest minds of all time opposed it. Plato was not just a crazy old man afraid of change; his criticism can still be applied today. For many people, writing has always been around. It’s hard to picture life without writing, books, reading, but at one point all there was was rhetoric. People would entertain themselves not by picking up a book by Jane Austen or Shakespeare. They would go to listen to people give speeches. This is what Plato was used to, and when writing came along he resisted the idea that this new invention, writing, could be good for people. First, Plato thought that writing would be bad for peoples’ memories. He thought writing would encourage forgetfulness and that people would rely too much on writing as a means of recollection. In Phaedrus Socrates points this out to Phaedrus by telling him a story about the Egyptian king Thamus and Theuth an inventor of many arts. â€Å" For this invention of yours will create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember of themselves† (Plato 87-88). Plato used the character of Thamus to express his own concerns a... ...ted to, Phaedrus could change his speech. Authors don’t really have that luxury. Once a book is in print, they can’t change their mind. For example, say a critic says that an author’s introduction was horrible and should be rewritten. The author doesn’t get the chance to rewrite the introduction. Chances are there are already multiple copies of the book in the bookstores or libraries. As it can be seen, even though Plato brought up these critiques along time ago they can still be applied to life today. As it turns out Plato was not crazy after all, but was able to see the flaws in writing that still plague it today. In addition, these critiques he brought up can also be applied to other forms of writing technology. Works Cited: LaRocque, Paula. â€Å"Language and Lost Credibility†. The Quill. Nov. 1999: 38 Plato. Phaedrus. New York: Dover, 1993.

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Experience At Work Speech Essay

At McDonalds lines of communication are pretty open especially for the ones still in high school or college. They give whatever hours you request and how many days you want to work. If you need off one of the days just be sure to ask off two weeks in advanced and they will make sure you get the day off. The overall experience at McDonalds after being there for over a year now is outstanding. I know most people think hey its McDonalds, but the benefits they aren’t bad at all. For one they are lenient with their hours and give however many hours you want. Secondly, they allow you to have $6 of free food each time you work, but that is only good of course if you like McDonald’s food. Third, on thanksgiving and Christmas they give bonuses depending on the amount of time you have worked there. For example around Christmas last year Ms. Geneva, the manager, gave me a $100 bill. The pay starts at minimum wage but steadily increases, I am at $7.80 per hour at the moment. Once y ou get to know the managers and workers everyone becomes intriguing to talk too as they all have unique stories. The customers are the only thing bad about working at McDonalds. Some can be nice and understanding, but then there are always those customers that are rude and impatient. Consequently, they do not understand that sometimes it is difficult to get their order right when they change it 5 different times. And it takes time for the food to be made if we run out for the moment. Other than that the only thing McDonalds has control over that gets me trouble is not being allowed to have any sort of beard. I like having a chin strap so I keep it trimmed, but every now and then they still get onto me†¦ and I don’t even work with food. The thing about McDonalds is you are never bored because there is a constant flow of customers at every hour of the day. At other jobs if you are not busy they send people home, but at McDonalds you are always busy especially in the mornings. That is another perk of McDonalds, if you are not scheduled to work that day and you are available to work you can always go ask if they need anybody and more days than not, they will say yes and you can go get extra hours in. McDonalds will more than likely be my job until I leave for college where I will hope to find a new job based on my engineering skills. I would have probably left McDonalds by now if it were not for the great experience and overall  benefits I get at McDonalds.

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Analysis Of The Film Leni Riefenstahl - 1880 Words

Having directed and acted in many films, Leni Riefenstahl has become a major figure of the Nazi film industry. Her most well-known film Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens, 1935) is still considered the greatest propaganda film of all time. While Riefenstahl claims that the film is a documentary and based on â€Å"history†. Susan Sontag s response is that the film it is seen as a portrayal of a fascist society. A Nazi propaganda tool and not necessarily intended as a fascist viewpoint. Sontag reasons that the film techniques, and the relationship between Leni Riefenstahl and the Nazi leadership as well as the consistent illustration of fascist themes found in the film establishes that Triumph of the Will is fascist and intended to promote and preserve the Nazi ideology. During the rise of power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party s in the 1930 s, Leni Riefenstahl became a household name as a film director, her claim to fame was putting a public face to Hitler. During this time period, it was very rare for the public to know what their leader looked like, and with this film it allowed many of the Germans to finally get to see who they elected into power. Hitler’s goal was the complete eradication of the Jewish peoples, in addition he wanted to spread his ideology and power across Europe. In order to achieve this goal, Hitler needed the support of all of the German citizens. Which lead to Hitler commissioning, Leni Riefenstahl to direct a film that would later be dubbed theShow MoreRelatedPropaganda Techniques Used By Jacques Ellul1804 Words   |  8 Pagesto bring about the active or passive participation in its actions of a mass of individuals, psychologically, unified through psychological manipulation and incorporated in an organization.â⠂¬  (Bytwerk, 3) Methods of propaganda range from films, such as Leni Riefenstahl s Olympiad and Triumph of the Will, to posters, marches, and sporting events. Propaganda is a means in which a group can control and win the loyalty of its citizens. However, as Ellul states, it is not merely a tool to encourage the unificationRead MorePropaganda During Nazi Germany : Film And Propaganda3538 Words   |  15 PagesLeandre Eberhard Film and Propaganda in Nazi Germany December 15, 2014 Goebbels’ Philosophy on Film and its Uses for Propaganda The following paper will focus on Joseph Goebbes’ use of propagandistic techniques in Nazi films. It will attempt to pinpoint his main goals and techniques through the context of films including Wunschkonzert, Ich Klage An, Kolberg, Jud Sà ¼ÃƒÅ¸, Der Ewige Jude and Triumph des Willens. In looking at these films, comparisons will be made between the techniques Goebbels promotesRead MoreWorld War I And II1943 Words   |  8 PagesPropaganda, which is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation . We’ve seen it used in many other countries and other aspects of history, like in Leni Riefenstahl s Triumph of the Will, was a propaganda film made to show the glory and power of Germany during that the 1930’s. Because of it’s influence on society, propaganda posters were America’s main artillery in the effort to strengthen the country as a community, and asRead MoreAdolf Hitler An d Social Media2970 Words   |  12 Pagespeople we very desperate and devastated, he used that to his advantage in order to convince everyone that they should listen to what he said to them. He did many speeches to prove the audience he could make the world a better place. In the Documentary film â€Å"Triumph of the will† you can clearly see how Hitler strongly uses propaganda to make himself look so perfect to the world. Propaganda from the 1930-1940’s has evolved a lot compared to today’s use. Today we not only have speeches, and posters putRead MoreHumanities Test4641 Words   |  19 PagesShakespeares Falstaff questions the value of: honor 1.   ( T or F ) Aristotle considered plot more important than character or thought. True 2.   ( T or F ) Aristotle was both a theater critic and a philosopher. True 3.   Aristotles famous analysis of tragedy is found in a work called: The Poetics 4.   Aristotles work on comedy is how long? 5 acts long 5. What did the Commedia dellearte specialize in? 6.   What is satire? a literary genre or form, although in practice it is also foundRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pageslamentable. Taken together, the key themes and processes that have been selected as the focus for each of the eight essays provide a way to conceptualize the twentieth century as a coherent unit for teaching, as well as for written narrative and analysis. Though they do not exhaust the crucial strands of historical development that tie the century together—one could add, for example, nationalism and decolonization—they cover in depth the defining phenomena of that epoch, which, as the essays demonstrate